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Thank You Jesus

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First and foremost, I wish to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has graced me with patience, discipline, wisdom, my Catholic faith, good health and most importantly, life. In addition, my loving parents (Greg and Lisa), sister (Marianne), brother (Gregory Jr.), and late grandmother Carmen, along with caring and supporting friends who provided the earthly foundation and positive environment that have helped me to become who I am today.

It is a commonly held belief that prayers, regardless of how frivolous or complex, are answered using God's heavenly timetable (of which we on earth cannot comprehend) -- maybe He simply tests our patience, or is aware of obstacles that necessitate a delay, but whatever His reasoning, I firmly believe that a combination of my faith in Jesus, prayer, disciplined effort, and patient demeanor have served as the cornerstone in helping me achieve all of my goals in life. But what is most rewarding about the time I spent experimenting with various fat burning and muscle building methods is that it helped me to stay away from pitfalls that young people frequently fall into due to lack of a faith foundation and/or absence of worthwhile goals, as well as providing me with the knowledge to help others avoid the dangers of supplements and drugs, while teaching them a proven path towards achieving their physical fitness goals naturally.

Is Weight Loss Superficial?

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Although many feel as if we must accept our current body weight and love ourselves for who we are, which on the surface is correct, this discounts the tremendous improvements in health that result from normalizing body weight and reducing stored fat levels. So many illnesses, from heart disease to diabetes, and even cancer, have a link with obesity, and a desire to prolong life is far from hedonistic, but rather obligatory. Many years ago, we had no idea that what we ate and how much we weighed had such a dramatic impact on our health and well being, but research has now shown this to be clearly the case, and many around the world are killing themselves prematurely and greatly harming their quality of life by eating a poor diet and allowing themselves to remain overweight. In addition to the health benefits, which are priceless (just ask those who love you whether lifespan matters), the process of burning fat and losing weight introduces patience, discipline, organization, and self control, traits that are frequently absent in our culture, and which contribute to the accomplishment of other, more critical, life changing aspirations (fighting addictions, controlling impulses, etc). Is eating healthy and exercising vital to overall success in life? No, and physical appearance is the least important factor in examining what one can offer the world. Yet, achieving significant weight loss through proper diet and exercise can enhance character, improve confidence, support excellent health and develop new, positive attitudes in other worthwhile areas, as I have found that my road to weight loss and muscle growth has allowed me to excel in newly established goals. When I receive a testimonial from a client who says that he or she has developed the confidence, patience and determination to seek a new career path, quit smoking, cease alcohol abuse, or some other critical, life-altering transformation, simply due to what he learned in my program, then it is by far the best part of having produced Fat Vanish and MuscleNOW.

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Patience & Discipline

Has my dedication towards exercise and diet helped to circumvent negative, destructive thoughts and feelings in my own life? Yes, and this may in fact prove to be the most important, life enhancing impact of a strict, disciplined fitness program. Living by the teachings of the Catholic faith can be challenging, yet in my experience, the key to maintaining such ideals is to have clear, firm goals and aspirations, coupled with the discipline and work ethic to pursue those dreams every single day. Most of my high school and college years were spent testing various diet and exercise theories, which left little time to stray into so much of what people in that age range fall prey to. Although I prescribe to strong religious beliefs, even those who have no such framework benefit from focused, structured effort in keeping them away from extracurricular trouble. How many solid foundations -- physical, spiritual, financial, or otherwise -- are built on hedonistic tendencies (quick indulgence designed to hide a lack of focus and purpose). Is it a wonder that those referred to as "nerds" accomplish phenomenal success through simply avoiding commonly practiced mentally and physically destructive behaviors? The correlation is in time spent -- concentrate your efforts on a specific worthwhile task, with an effective plan, and you'll produce the desired result.

I provide merely the roadmap; it's your obligation to initiate, continue, and complete the journey. Knowledge is power, and destiny is yours for the taking; seize the moment, and God Bless!