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Throw Your Weight Loss Supplements In The Garbage!

Stop investing in a slew of weight loss supplements that will never work, no matter how long or often you use them (read on to learn why). Never purchase gimmicked fat burning machines that promise instantaneous weight loss results (whether it be for the stomach, buns, hips, thighs, or any body part), but in the end, only serve as a cheap giveaway at your next yard sale. Ab machines promising to firm your stomach and help you lose weight, all in a mere 30 days, do not enhance the appearance of or flatten your waistline, and will not burn one ounce of excess fat, yet, they do add nicely to your weight loss related junk collection (we all have one, usually in the basement or garage, where all of the false promises are stored).


If you're not losing weight & burning fat every week

then isn't it time to change your strategy?

The Weight Loss
Supplement Lie...

How can these weight loss supplement companies continue to deceive the public with their outlandish, unproven claims, while pharmaceutical organizations must undergo rigid testing prior to releasing legally consumable drugs? The sad fact is, although the government can regulate these weight loss supplement providers, claims are rarely examined. Therefore, well known companies can release a new fat burning supplement monthly, advertise weight loss results that aren't even possible with illegal drugs, and suffer no adverse impact. I could not even begin to name every available weight loss product that falsely promises rapid, dramatic fat burning results, as the list is virtually endless, and this is not taking into consideration the thousands of products not yet introduced.


Exactly how do I lose weight & burn fat without supplements?

I've taught over 20,000 around the world how, and now it's your turn

Weight Loss Supplements Can Destroy Your Metabolism

What the hyped weight loss supplement advertising fails to mention is that your metabolism can be severely impaired when using such products, sabotaging your progress. When a substance attempts to tamper with natural metabolic rate, the body eventually becomes resistant, which forces a higher quantity of the supplement just to continue achieving a normal metabolism, and a crossroads is then reached - either addiction forms, which brings about a wide range of potential health issues, or when ultimately the product is abandoned, metabolism crashes and weight returns faster than a bullet train. It's ironic that long term results achieved by using weight loss supplements are often worse than if the individual had just decided to remain fat and out of shape. You have all of the natural tools to lose weight, and do not need any external aid to produce fantastic results, but weight loss supplement companies profit off of making you feel that the opposite is true. Your goal is to achieve permanent weight loss results, and supplements that claim to burn fat push you further away from this objective.


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You Will Burn Fat
Faster Than Ever Before

I cringe when hearing claims from self promoted health "professionals" that losing more than 1 lbs per week is dangerous to health. This preposterous notion is promoted by those who have absolutely no idea how to correctly eat for optimum body fat reduction, because there are those who can lose 4-5 lbs per week and do so while improving their cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, so whenever you hear someone claim a maximum amount of weight loss per week, know that such gibberish originates from an uninformed source. There are those who cannot lose weight as fast as others, meaning one may begin with an extremely slow metabolism and only lose 1 lbs per week, but many others burn fat much faster than this while enhancing health and well being.


Since 1997, I have shown thousands of men and women how to

lose weight & burn fat naturally, without supplements, drugs or surgery

Weight loss success stories



I will show you my secrets to losing weight & burning fat naturally...

and no muscle building is required!

Francesco Castano

Who Is Francesco Castano?

My initial goal was to gain muscle mass naturally, which I achieved (adding 65 lbs of muscle without any drugs whatsoever), but because my desire was to become a defined bodybuilder, I had to also learn how to bring body fat to very low levels. I experimented on myself until achieving the type of body I was seeking, burning 50 lbs of fat without supplements or drugs. Once I achieved my goal, I developed a method called Fat Vanish that is comprised of the optimum diet and exercise plan for maximum weight loss, with no requirement whatsoever to build any muscle (since I wanted to help the average person to burn fat in a realistic and effective way).

I, Francesco Castano, will reveal my natural weight loss methods

when I become your very own personal trainer ... FOR LIFE!

How Can Francesco Become My Lifetime Personal Trainer?

Yes, that's not a misprint. For a limited time, I am taking on new clients with a very special promotion, where I will show you how to walk in the footsteps of the many Fat Vanish success stories. Every single weight loss email question you send will be responded to my ME, not staff members, not autoresponders, but the same man who designed the natural weight loss methods you will be following -- ME. I want you to watch friends and family drop their jaws in awe as they see fat melting off your body, and isn't that far better than wasting time and money on weight loss supplement lies? If you are currently frustrated with your lack of weight loss results, wasting time and money on supplements that will never provide you with a fraction of what they claim, and if you are prepared to abandon everything you learned about weight loss in the past (which isn't working), then I am ready to help.


My only request? You MUST STOP using weight loss supplements

and follow my specific weight loss instructions...

But What If I Can't Follow Your Weight Loss Advice...

That's impossible, because as your lifetime personal trainer I take your own personal goals and limitations into consideration, meaning I can modify any aspect of what I normally recommend to meet your specific set of circumstances. That's what separates my plan from others, as I will be here to make sure that you have the perfect path to achieving your weight loss goals. There is nothing that will stop you from burning fat except bad information, which is why you must erase from your mind the garbage you have read and heard elsewhere, and let me show you how to literally melt fat off your body. Don't believe me? Browse the many testimonials here at FatVanish.com, because there's nobody I cannot help to achieve impressive results, and that includes you.


OK, you convinced me. I am ready to lose weight without supplements!

So how can I hire you to be my lifetime personal trainer?

Easy, And It's Cheaper Than You Ever Dreamed Possible...

My proven weight loss diet & exercise methods are called Fat Vanish, and they form the basis for all that I recommend. Instead of charging an hourly rate to teach these weight loss and fat burning methods from scratch, I have developed a much cheaper alternative. I send you my Fat Vanish weight loss program in the mail, and after you read all of my confidence boosting weight loss recommendations, you then have the roadmap, and are free to begin emailing me with all your questions. I'll then make sure you understand every single step of my natural fat burning formula, and will make any necessary changes to my plan to fit your specific goals, schedule and limitations. If you're ready to toss your supplements in the trash, then let me take you down the road to natural weight loss that will cause many looks of shock from those who see the new, trim, fit, attractive you!


But what if I am extremely obese?

Am I able to achieve my weight loss goals?

Nobody Is Too Fat For My Plan

It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 500 lbs to lose, as my methods are going to transform your body in a natural and healthy way. Just look to the left and read John Champagne's success story, as he lost an amazing 232 lbs and 24" of belly fat using my Fat Vanish methods, and he has been overweight since he was a kid. Imagine the excitement experienced when someone who reached 412 lbs burns 232 lbs of fat? John now weighs less than the amount of weight he lost! Those who opt for surgery or supplements because they feel as if they are too fat for natural weight loss have simply never found the correct diet and exercise plan to follow, and I don't blame them for believing they must opt for a different path, yet there is only one road to permanent results, and that is exactly what I am offering to the world. The rest is either a very temporary fix, or worse, an extremely dangerous and potentially deadly proposition.

"I only have a few pounds to burn..."

If you need to burn a few lbs of stubborn fat in the stomach, thighs, hips, etc, then you need to follow my plan, because the methods I teach work no matter how much weight you wish to lose, or where it's located.


I see lots of male testimonials, but what about women?

Does Fat Vanish work for females?

OK, I am ready to trash my weight loss supplements

and begin burning fat right now ... but how much is this going to cost me?

Costs MUCH LESS Than Any
Weight Loss Supplement Habit!

I become your lifetime personal trainer, where I answer all of your weight loss questions via email, and you also receive my powerful, proven effective Fat Vanish weight loss program in the mail for a one time cost. No monthly fees, no recurring charges, and not a penny more no matter how many questions you ask! Pay once, and receive everything you need to burn fat from any part of your body, faster than you ever thought naturally possible, and have me as your lifetime personal trainer so that you never again search for weight loss answers. Sure beats paying EVERY MONTH for worthless weight loss supplements. If you want to soon have trouble recognizing the person in the mirror and have others asking you for weight loss advice, then let me show you how.


What if I try your Fat Vanish method and I don't burn fat fast?

I don't want to lose my money...

My Weight Loss Promise...

My money back guarantee is simple - if you do not lose weight faster than ever before while following my Fat Vanish methods, or if you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, then simply return Fat Vanish within 90 days, and receive a 100% refund, no questions asked. This allows you to test drive my potent Fat Vanish diet and exercise formula for a full 3 months, which is more than enough time for you to see that what I offer is the answer to burning stubborn fat fast, without any supplements or drugs. When your weekly mirror reflection shows a leaner and tighter body, and when others cannot stop complimenting how much better you look each time they see you, then you will know that you made the best weight loss investment of your entire life. Now is the time to amaze family and friends alike with blistering fat loss, and with Fat Vanish, these impressive results will last a lifetime!


OK, so I can learn all your weight loss tricks without risk...

How do I get started? Teach me how to burn fat NOW!

Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Step 1:

Order Fat Vanish and carefully read my detailed weight loss diet and exercise instructions, which are all outlined in a book that will be shipped to you.

Step 2:

Email me with all of your questions so that I can make sure you understand exactly how to lose weight fast, and I will make any necessary changes to my Fat Vanish recommendations so that they perfectly fit your specific situation.

Step 3:

Take your BEFORE picture, because your body is about to undergo an amazing transformation!

Step 4:

Begin to consistently follow my Fat Vanish weight loss instructions.

Step 5:

Shock friends, family and strangers alike as fat literally disappears from every part of your body!

Step 6:

Send me a testimonial of your dramatic weight loss transformation so you can inspire the world!

Burns 74 lbs Of Fat In Only 4 Months!

Loses 74 lbs of fat in 4 months"Your great program is easy to follow and has changed my life. I struggled with depression for the longest and yo-yoed up and down with my weight just letting life affect me by overeating a whole lot. My before photo was taken 4 months ago, when I was 263 lbs with a 54 inch waist, at a time when I decided to finally begin following your program consistently. I was almost diabetic, with high cholesterol and blood pressure. Now, I am 189 lbs with a 36 inch waist, having lost 74 lbs and 18 inches from my waist, only 4 months later, and my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure are all normal! I’m still progressing strong and my ultimate goal is to reach 180 with 5% bodyfat. Being consistent on your plan and seeing results weekly I have really gotten a drive and determination back for life and it feels good not having the depression and obesity keeping me down. Your plan is definitely the best and takes the guess work, trial and error out of it. Regardless of your lifestyle and schedule, this will work for you. I have 5 kids, a wife and 2 jobs and I accomplished AMAZING results in a short time. Thank you so much again Francesco for your support and for your work in developing an awesome plan for achieving the physique I have developed."

Jayce Forbes • Tulsa, OK