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Why Do So Many Fail At Losing Weight & Burning Fat?

It’s no secret that the vast majority who seek to lose weight and burn fat have a very low success rate, despite trying a large number of proposed solutions. From fat burning supplements to strange diet plans, nothing is off limits for someone who wishes to burn off their excess belly. But despite weight loss being such an important goal for millions of people, why are so many seemingly becoming fatter by the day?

Firstly, many fail at achieving results due to the weight loss supplement lie. Countless companies claim that a pill or powder is going to melt fat from anywhere on the body; this on the surface sounds very appealing, as who would not want to simply swallow a pill once or twice per day without modifying diet or exercise habits? That is the dream solution, and weight loss supplement companies pump many millions of dollars into powerful advertising that convinces many that this is a viable option. Unfortunately, it’s not, and despite substantial weight loss supplement dollars being invested by many without results, most do not learn their lesson, and continue to experiment in vain.

Secondly, fad diet plans that erroneously promise fast weight loss results are the norm. Many who begin such strategies see immediate changes in their body weight, believing that they are on the road to achieving all of their fat loss goals, but in fact, the weight reduction is in the form of water loss from a low carbohydrate level, and once the body flushes excess water, body weight stabilizes, and that initial weight loss comes to a halt. What’s worse, metabolism slows, especially in low carbohydrate or calorie deprived diet plans, and progress crashes because the body begins trying to retain fat in presence of what is perceived to be a famine. Yes, such diet plans mimic starvation type situations to the body, which breeds low energy levels, and primes fat cells to store as much calories as possible the moment any extra food is consumed. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, commitment to change is low. When weight loss supplement advertisers go out of their way to deceive the public by claiming that fat will be shed without diet changes by using a miracle pill, many simply write off the idea of modifying eating habits, and set themselves up for perpetual failure. But I will place less blame on the individual and more on dishonest weight loss supplement companies, because it’s very difficult for someone to embrace dietary change when they are being deceived into believing that they can eat the same way while looking much different. How is someone going to embrace a new diet path when it’s so difficult to find a plan that actually works, especially while simultaneously being bombarded with weight loss supplement advertising that promises it’s not even necessary to search for one, because they have the answer in a bottle, with no behavior change necessary?

I wrote Fat Vanish with the specific intention of destroying the many weight loss myths, and replacing them with a proven diet and exercise plan that is realistic, healthy, and most importantly, actually burns fat! If you’re tired of seeking answers from false sources, then give Fat Vanish a try, and you will SEE weight loss results that you never thought possible.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Cause Metabolism To Slow?

Although many wish to burn fat without using weight loss supplements (if for no other reason than to avoid the continual monthly pill or powder expense), there is a strong temptation to experiment with such products due to their promise that metabolism will improve. When anybody who wishes to burn fat hears that there is a way to enhance metabolic rate, they quickly boil over with excitement, believing that they will be able to achieve their weight loss goals faster. But is the opposite actually true?

Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories, and can vary based on genetics and daily physical activity. Anybody who wishes to burn fat fast is going to become curious about a product that uses the metabolism buzzword, feeling as if such a supplement can shorten the amount of time necessary to achieve results. But what is left off the powerful supplement advertising is how the body can respond in a negative way to a product that tampers with natural metabolic rate.

If metabolism increases as a result of an external aid (supplement), after a short period of time there is a desensitizing effect, where the body no longer responds to the product with a heightened metabolism, but instead requires the supplement in order to just maintain what was once a normal metabolic rate (before using the product). This means that to encourage faster calorie burn, more of the product than what is recommended by the manufacturer must be used, which increases the risk of serious side effects. But even if someone were to foolishly decide that damaged health is a fair tradeoff for using an increased supplement dosage, the same cycle will repeat itself, where the higher quantity will once again illicit a reduced metabolic response, and even more of the product will be required to produce a temporary positive effect.

This leaves the weight loss candidate with either perpetually increasing supplement dosage to try and achieve a short-lived metabolism boost, or to stop the product completely, but the little known secret is that when the supplement is no longer consumed, metabolism can crash, and weight regain is soon to follow. Supplement addiction is a natural response to this phenomena, which further increases the risk of serious side effects.

The alternative, which is to lose weight without supplements by way of a properly designed natural weight loss diet plan, is the only way to achieve healthy, lasting metabolism increase that will produce permanent fat burning results.

Why Burning Fat Without Supplements Is The Best Way

Those who seek to burn fat often have been led to believe that burning fat without supplements is impossible, which prompts an immediate search for the most effective fat burning pill or powder. Although this particular notion couldn’t be further from the truth, most feel that weight loss supplements are required for impressive results due to a plethora of advertisements on TV and in magazines which promote the latest pill craze as the easy, effortless path to permanent fat reduction.

In reality, not only are weight loss supplements unnecessary, but they actually can become the biggest fat burning detriment. There is only one path to consistent, permanent results, which is a proper diet plan, but those who fall into the supplement trap feel as if there must be a way to avoid behavior change, one that requires nothing more than a pill or two per day, because so many advertisements claim that this is so. When weight stays identical after a particular supplement is used, the next pill is purchased promising to be the final cure, and the cycle continues.

This perpetual, vicious circle of failure never ends for some, and for others simply results in so much frustration that fat burning goes by the wayside. In addition, since some weight loss supplements actually harm metabolism, those who use such products can actually find themselves gaining more weight in future months instead of the opposite.

Burning fat without supplements is not only the best way to achieve any fat burning goal, but is the only way to ensure doing so without harming health and well being. Weight loss supplement advertising promises a simple path to fat burning results, but the truth remains that behavior change, which requires new diet habits and an effective exercise plan, is the only way to transform a body for life.

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