Aerobic Exercise To Lose Weight & Burn Fat

Unlike some may believe, the true intention of aerobic exercise is not simply to burn excess calories! In fact, the dozens of aerobic machines and heart monitors that focus on “calories burned” falsely lead one towards believing “X” quantity of calorie expenditure is the key to losing weight and burning fat (which is not the case). In fact, the purpose of aerobic exercise is to prime the body’s hormonal system to burn stored fat as an energy source, and one can in fact disrupt the fat burning process when performing aerobic exercise improperly! If the goal were to simply burn calories, weight training, which can expend a considerably greater level of energy when compared to aerobic exercise, would be the fat burning activity of choice. Yet, all who achieve sculpted, chiseled bodies concentrate on both aerobic exercise and weight training; why then, do they not simply focus on lifting weights to promote low body fat levels? Simple — because weights tone and firm (build) muscle, while aerobic exercise trains the body to burn fat! Thus, in order to consistently lose weight and burn fat with aerobic exercise, one must shy away from the idea of calories burned, instead embracing a properly constructed aerobic exercise approach which encourages a constant release of stored fat (due to the body’s hormonal response to such stimulus). Why follow common conventions that simply will lead to failure?

In summary, the goal of aerobic exercise is not to simply burn calories! Is you wish to consistently lose weight and burn fat, you must engage in a properly constructed aerobic exercise routine, and, more importantly, consume a potent weight loss diet plan (which is the most critical component in producing consistent, permanent fat burning results). My proven weight loss diet and exercise plan called Fat Vanish teaches you exactly how to eat and exercise for consistent, permanent weight loss and fat burning results, without the use of supplements or drugs.