Chitosan Fat Blocker

The chitosan fat blocker is touted as a weight loss supplement that prevents the absorption of dietary fat, introducing yet another “easy, effortless” miracle weight loss pill to the already overflowing fat burning supplement store shelf, but if a product actually prevents the body from absorbing nutrients in food, would this not potentially cause serious long term health damage? Certainly, any external aid that claims to impair digestion presents a serious potential health danger, and is to be avoided. It’s ridiculous to assume that such outlandish products can in any way provide a safe, permanent weight loss and fat burning solution, as even if the pill has a positive effect (which it won’t), you would need to continue the substance long term to maintain such benefit, which introduces the question of potential risks (cancer, heart failure, etc). Avoid weight loss supplements, as your body will safely transform through a properly designed fat burning diet plan and potent exercise routine!

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