Fad Diet Plans For Weight Loss

High fat, low carbohydrate? Or is it high carbohydrate, low fat? Maybe high protein, low carbohydrate? High carbohydrate and low protein? Low calorie? Only vegetables and water? Cabbage soup? Protein shakes? What do all of these diet philosophies have in common? They won’t help you to permanently lose weight! Not one of these fad diet plans produces sustainable fat burning results, and some fad diet routines won’t even produce initial progress! In fact, any weight loss diet plan that is not realistic to follow long term is best avoided in your efforts to permanently eliminate stubborn fat. It’s amazing how millions scour the Internet and book store shelves searching for the most radical, extreme weight loss diet plan imaginable, hoping to finally derive everlasting fat burning results. Yet, since these unorthodox diet philosophies are unrealistic over the long term, any lost fat simply returns when the strategy is abandoned. Not only do such fad diet routines turn life into a painful ordeal, but they tend to discourage even short term consistency, which results in a quick reversion to prior poor eating habits. If your goal is to not only burn fat fast, but also ensure that weight loss results are permanent, you need to embrace a diet philosophy that is enjoyable and healthy, as opposed to the numerous unorthodox fad diet plans that many unfortunately pursue.

In summary, avoid all radical, unrealistic, fad diet plans! I have been helping people around the world since 1997 to lose weight and burn fat naturally, without supplements or drugs, through my Fat Vanish weight loss diet plan, which includes Lifetime Email Personal Training direct from me (the Fat Vanish author).