Gluten Free Eating Is Not A Weight Loss Fad

Many who are in need of weight loss may have heard of the gluten free diet, which has become popular in fitness circles; this type of eating strategy may be mistaken as yet another in the numerous fad fat burning diet plans that suddenly disappear after being revealed as an unrealistic and ineffective long term weight loss solution, but contrary to what you may believe, the gluten free diet is not to be ignored!

There are a large number of women and men who are unable to digest gluten (a protein found in certain foods) effectively, and therefore not only have difficulty losing weight, but experience a host of additional ailments, including a bloated stomach, fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, acid reflux, difficulty with digestion, etc. Often those with such symptoms visit their doctor seeking a solution, and to their frustration are told that no medical ailments can be found, and the patient is left wondering whether they have some hidden illness or if they are a hypochondriac.

Unfortunately, often physicians who screen their patients for a gluten allergy are unaware that even those who test negative may have gluten sensitivity that is undetectable, and the only way to determine whether they cannot properly digest gluten is to remove all gluten based foods from the diet for several months to determine if symptoms disappear. If they do, then you can be sure that gluten sensitivity exists.

Often gluten sensitivity can cause an individual to retain fat and carry excess body weight, which is why it’s common for someone who begins eating gluten free to burn fat consistently, even if they don’t implement an exercise routine into their lifestyle. Gluten free eating is now extremely simple due to restaurants, supermarkets and food manufacturers understanding the expanding demand for gluten free foods, and therefore offering numerous gluten free choices for consumers to consider.

The two most common gluten foods that most hear about are pasta and bread, which many enjoy eating on a regular basis, but now, it’s even possible to find gluten free bread and pasta for those who are committed to consuming such foods as part of their meal plans. Since it’s becoming understood and accepted that inflammation is a root cause of disease, and those who are sensitive to gluten develop inflammation throughout their body that leads to a variety of health issues if they ignore the symptoms and continue consuming gluten foods, it’s important that anybody who either experiences symptoms that have no formal medical solution (fatigue, pain, bloated stomach, etc) or who has difficulty losing weight implement a gluten free eating plan in order to determine whether their medical symptoms begin to improve and body fat levels decline.

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