Low Fat Diet Plan

Due to legitimate concerns for long term health and well being, many embrace a low fat diet plan with the expectation of not only improving overall longevity, but also losing significant levels of stored body fat. Unfortunately, these high carbohydrate diet structures are actually one of several factors that have led to society’s current obesity crisis, and most continue to blindly embrace such flawed plans. When one increases carbohydrates to compensate for a reduction in dietary fat, the body naturally releases a greater level of insulin (a fat storage hormone), and thus stores extra calories as fat. Yes, a high carbohydrate diet plan will actually promote body fat increase, which ruins both appearance and long term health. Although the concept of reducing dietary fat for improved health is valid, it cannot result in a compensatory carbohydrate increase, as this will negate all positive effects.

Healthy weight loss and fat burning results are only possible through the proper combination of nutrients, and not an overload of fat producing carbohydrates. I have taught many around the world the proper weight loss diet plan for permanent fat burning results, by way of my proven Fat Vanish program, which provides you with lifetime access to me as your personal trainer, ensuring that you will finally achieve all of your weight loss and fat burning goals.