The Difference Between Losing Weight And Burning Fat

Often those who embark on a natural weight loss diet program jump on the scale after a week of following their routine, believing that a decline in weight is going to prove just how potent their eating strategy truly is. A few days after beginning a new plan, the scale might even indicate a significant improvement, which seems to confirm that the new plan is burning fat quickly. Yet, few realize that the opposite may actually be true!

Let’s take as an example a low carbohydrate diet strategy, which has become common in recent years, and is what many opt for when seeking to burn fat fast. Often in only a few days, several pounds of scale weight can be shed, which is a tremendously exciting indication of a positive improvement, that is, if the weight was actually body fat. Unfortunately, because carbohydrates store water in muscle cells, anytime the body experiences a decline in the carbohydrates consumed through dietary sources (fruit, rice, etc), stored carbohydrates are released into the bloodstream, which reduces water weight dramatically. Therefore, the significant weight reduction that often occurs quickly after beginning a low carbohydrate diet plan is actually all water, and not body fat. Since the goal of any weight loss strategy is to burn fat from problem areas, this does not sound like good news.

What’s worse is that continued adherence to such a diet plan often burns away significant amounts of muscle, which weighs even more than fat (due to its density), so stepping on a scale and seemingly seeing continued progress is anything but when examining the composition of the weight that has been shed. In addition, lost muscle slows metabolism (the rate at which the body burns calories), making body fat reduction slower and more difficult.

So, what’s the alternative to using a scale? The barometer of how potent a natural weight loss diet program is rests upon its fat burning potential, therefore it’s important to isolate areas that accumulate fat the easiest (such as the stomach) with a measuring tape and caliper to determine if the circumference of that body part and the actual fat that exists between the skin and muscle tissue is declining. This measurement combination is far more reliable than body weight in determining whether or not fat is being shed, and is an important consideration to make before you decide to step on the scale and see how productive your fitness week has been!

Do Weight Loss Supplements Cause Metabolism To Slow?

Although many wish to burn fat without using weight loss supplements (if for no other reason than to avoid the continual monthly pill or powder expense), there is a strong temptation to experiment with such products due to their promise that metabolism will improve. When anybody who wishes to burn fat hears that there is a way to enhance metabolic rate, they quickly boil over with excitement, believing that they will be able to achieve their weight loss goals faster. But is the opposite actually true?

Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories, and can vary based on genetics and daily physical activity. Anybody who wishes to burn fat fast is going to become curious about a product that uses the metabolism buzzword, feeling as if such a supplement can shorten the amount of time necessary to achieve results. But what is left off the powerful supplement advertising is how the body can respond in a negative way to a product that tampers with natural metabolic rate.

If metabolism increases as a result of an external aid (supplement), after a short period of time there is a desensitizing effect, where the body no longer responds to the product with a heightened metabolism, but instead requires the supplement in order to just maintain what was once a normal metabolic rate (before using the product). This means that to encourage faster calorie burn, more of the product than what is recommended by the manufacturer must be used, which increases the risk of serious side effects. But even if someone were to foolishly decide that damaged health is a fair tradeoff for using an increased supplement dosage, the same cycle will repeat itself, where the higher quantity will once again illicit a reduced metabolic response, and even more of the product will be required to produce a temporary positive effect.

This leaves the weight loss candidate with either perpetually increasing supplement dosage to try and achieve a short-lived metabolism boost, or to stop the product completely, but the little known secret is that when the supplement is no longer consumed, metabolism can crash, and weight regain is soon to follow. Supplement addiction is a natural response to this phenomena, which further increases the risk of serious side effects.

The alternative, which is to lose weight without supplements by way of a properly designed natural weight loss diet plan, is the only way to achieve healthy, lasting metabolism increase that will produce permanent fat burning results.

Is There An Affordable Natural Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Anyone who understands that fat burning supplements do not provide anywhere near the advertised results and can actually harm both health and metabolism will instead opt for the only effective and safe solution, which is a natural weight loss diet plan, but often those who need to lose weight scoff at the idea of changing their eating strategy, believing that doing so will be expensive and difficult.

In reality, eating healthy does not need to break anyone’s bank account, but can do just that if a diet is not carefully planned. This is why having someone experienced in constructing such an eating strategy available to help is crucial, as he or she can take into consideration your budget, food preferences, and goals to produce a diet that is both effective and affordable. In reality, most have no problem financing a healthy eating strategy for weight loss, but are just confused with what specific foods to choose, and often opt for items that are unnecessary in achieving their fat burning goals.

There is a seemingly endless list of effective foods that can be used to construct a natural weight loss diet plan, but often those who attempt to do so select items that they have no desire to consume, simply because they read on the Internet or in a fitness magazine that using that particular food is essential. This causes many to decide against changing their diet routine and instead begin experimenting with supplements that falsely promise amazing results, which is a road to ruin, but when someone knows what to eat and when, realizes that bland foods do not need to be a part of any diet plan (realism is crucial to long term weight loss), and learns that expensive foods are not essential at safely burning fat, then results are right around the corner. All of these obstacles can be overcome with help from someone who has experience designing effective diet routines that are healthy and won’t lead to bankruptcy!