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Low Carb Diet Plan

The low carbohydrate diet plan will cause you to lose weight and burn fat within the first 1-2 weeks, but the majority of weight lost is a combination of water and muscle, as opposed to fat. This initial reduction of water and muscle actually slows metabolism (decreases the rate at which you burn calories) and, as a result, you will gain back every lost pound once you introduce carbohydrates back into your diet. It is not possible to follow an extremely low carbohydrate diet plan long term (it is unhealthy, undesirable and unrealistic to do so), and inevitably you will find yourself introducing carbs back into your regular eating plan after several weeks, which can cause body fat to quickly increase due to your slower metabolism. Never forget that burning fat is your only goal, as reducing muscle tissue and water weight does not improve your appearance, and in fact greatly slows or even prohibits the fat loss process (which is why so many reach a plateau with no further results). In addition, weight loss on a low carbohydrate diet plan produces a smaller version of your former self rather than enhancing your physical appearance (due to muscle loss, which eliminates tone, and creates a sagging, flabby, unappealing body structure).

Lastly, once you begin to follow a normal, carbohydrate based diet (a low carb diet plan is not realistic to follow long term), within several months, you will likely find yourself fatter than before you started the diet, and you’ll quickly search for a new weight loss routine. A low carb diet plan is not the ideal path to permanently burning fat and improving body shape.

One of the primary keys to permanent weight loss is controlling insulin, and although low carbohydrate diet plans attempt to accomplish this very goal, they simultaneously disrupt separate, but equally important, hormonal functions. Through proper caloric division, food selection, and protein/carb/fat percentages (with carbohydrates properly balanced with protein), coupled with a potent exercise routine, not only will you reduce overall insulin secretion, but also quickly and consistently encourage the release of stored calories (fat) into the blood stream. Insulin is essentially a fat storage hormone and, if it’s not properly manipulated through dietary variables, will prevent fat loss, regardless of how low calories happen to be.

Remember, if you wish to permanently and naturally lose weight and burn fat, you need to consume the proper blend of nutrients, and I am teaching men and women around the world exactly how to do so through my proven effective Fat Vanish weight loss diet plan.

Low Fat Diet Plan

Due to legitimate concerns for long term health and well being, many embrace a low fat diet plan with the expectation of not only improving overall longevity, but also losing significant levels of stored body fat. Unfortunately, these high carbohydrate diet structures are actually one of several factors that have led to society’s current obesity crisis, and most continue to blindly embrace such flawed plans. When one increases carbohydrates to compensate for a reduction in dietary fat, the body naturally releases a greater level of insulin (a fat storage hormone), and thus stores extra calories as fat. Yes, a high carbohydrate diet plan will actually promote body fat increase, which ruins both appearance and long term health. Although the concept of reducing dietary fat for improved health is valid, it cannot result in a compensatory carbohydrate increase, as this will negate all positive effects.

Healthy weight loss and fat burning results are only possible through the proper combination of nutrients, and not an overload of fat producing carbohydrates. I have taught many around the world the proper weight loss diet plan for permanent fat burning results, by way of my proven Fat Vanish program, which provides you with lifetime access to me as your personal trainer, ensuring that you will finally achieve all of your weight loss and fat burning goals.

High Fat Diet Plan To Lose Weight?

A high fat diet plan, when combined with carbohydrates, can delay weight loss, while a high fat dietary composition coupled with a low level of carbohydrates (the most common type) will burn muscle, slow metabolism, and actually make the likelihood of long term fat gain quite high. Always remember that your goal is NOT to burn muscle, as this may lower the overall scale reading, but will not enhance physical appearance, as you lose tone and slow the rate at which your body uses energy, which is why so many experience lackluster results (and quickly deviate to their original, ineffective diet routines in an effort to lose weight).

To lose weight efficiently and consistently, a proper blend of protein, carbohydrate and fat is necessary, and a high fat and low carbohydrate meal composition will not produce desired results. I lost over 50 lbs of fat, and am teaching men and women around the world how to lose weight and burn fat naturally through my proven Fat Vanish weight loss diet plan.