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How Many Meals For Fast Weight Loss?

Often those who seek to burn fat focus on calories consumed as the prime diet modification, reducing food quantity to a low level, believing that this alone will promote consistent weight loss. Unfortunately, doing so can promote less than desirable results.

Firstly, those who are overweight often eat only 2-3 meals per day, and in their calorie reducing efforts, drop food quantity significantly, which, because of the infrequent meals, promotes extreme hunger. This in turn drops energy levels considerably and inevitably encourages very strong diet cheating temptations, derailing progress. By following a more frequent eating strategy, hunger is curbed and energy rises, making a natural weight loss diet plan far more realistic to follow.

Secondly, metabolism slows when food is withheld for long periods, in order to preserve body fat in case of an imminent famine (referred to as starvation mode). When providing the body with food more frequently throughout the day, the digestive system is forced to stay active, and the body no longer experiences the need to slow metabolic rate (the speed at which calories are burned), providing a much improved environment for consistent fat loss.

Those who have busy schedules can at least manage 3 meals per day (breakfast before work, lunch and dinner when arriving home), so there is no excuse to stay with the 1-2 meals that many choose to live on, although even more frequent eating (five times being the ideal to strive for) will help to boost metabolism, curb hunger and create an environment for optimum fat burning results. Meal frequency is not the only variable necessary to burn fat consistently, as just eating less food more times per day is worthless if the meals are not constructed properly, so increasing the number of meals only enhances results when you are eating the proper foods in the right quantities.

If you are seeking a natural weight loss diet plan that provides you with all of the necessary details and tricks to achieve the best possible results, then consider purchasing Fat Vanish, and you will soon witness stubborn body fat finally begin to melt away.

Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Because it’s often assumed that it is not possible to lose weight without exercise, most feel as if their efforts to burn fat are in vain, stumbling in their journey as a result of a very busy work and family schedule that makes exercise difficult, if not impossible. The truth is, someone who has the time and makes the effort to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise most days has a newfound motivation to follow a much improved diet, and the weight loss that follows is mistakenly credited to the exercise plan, when in fact the majority of lost weight materializes as a result of the revised eating strategy, with exercise simply enhancing the speed of results.

This mental link between exercise and healthy eating often creates a very dangerous stumbling block when, for whatever reason, exercise becomes difficult or impossible. What follows is a radically deteriorating diet as the motivation to eat in a way that encourages fast weight loss disappears, specifically because it’s incorrectly thought to be contingent upon daily exercise.

In order to develop the correct mindset for long term results, please remember the following rule — if your goal is to lose weight, a properly designed diet is the only requirement, as physical activity simply enhances the speed of results, allowing you to lose weight without exercise. Therefore, not having the time or desire to exercise does not prevent your body from burning fat, unless you also decide not to follow a correctly designed diet plan, so your first step, without question, must be to change the way you eat in a way that encourages weight loss. Take note that the reverse is not possible, meaning you cannot eat poorly and expect exercise alone to burn fat, which is another misconception that many have fallen prey to, and which prevents millions from achieving their weight loss goals.

It’s unfortunately common for many who avoid exercise to opt for weight loss pills, because they feel as if an external aid is necessary to make up for their lack of physical activity, but such supplements have a potential for serious health related side effects, can destroy metabolism, and most do not provide advertised results, so they are not a viable option. Focusing on a potent fat burning diet plan is the foundation of any successful weight loss strategy, with exercise as a bonus that can help to increase the speed of results. By never forgetting this important rule, no matter how busy life becomes, weight loss will continue until desired results are achieved.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight Fast Without Pills?

One of the main forces driving tremendous profits for the fitness supplement industry are pills that claim to burn fat fast. Millions flock to supplement stores each month seeking to locate the secret behind reaching their weight loss goals, and powerful advertising drives many to believe that pills are required to achieve any significant fat burning results. The truth, however, is very far from what the supplement propaganda suggests.

Pills that claim to burn fat fast very often do not provide even a fraction of advertised results, and in fact, often those pictured in before/after supplement photo testimonials purposely gain fat in order to appear as obese as possible in a “before” photo, with the resulting weight loss having no connection with the advertised supplement pill, but rather a consequence of significant dietary changes. Nevertheless, the powerful claims made in weight loss supplement advertisements cause many to believe that pills are required to achieve fast results, when they actually more often than not have no connection with the fat burning achieved by those who use them. Why? Because anybody who burns fat while using supplements also changes their diet in a significant way, and often also exercises, making the supplement nothing more than a placebo, with the diet modifications and exercise providing the stimulation necessary for the resulting body fat reduction. In such a case, to lose weight fast without pills would merely require abandoning the useless supplement and continuing to follow the modified diet and exercise regimen.

While much deception exists in the fitness supplement industry, some pills that claim to burn fat do in fact stimulate metabolism, and can cause fat burning to temporarily improve, but the two potentially devastating consequences include health related side effects, which can range from anxiety to cardiovascular dysfunctions (the latter even posing a death risk), and an altered metabolism that will begin relying upon stimulation from the weight loss pill just to maintain normalcy. The severe danger is that the body will demand more of the supplement just to maintain weight loss results, and if the pill is abandoned, metabolism slows to levels never before seen, causing body fat to rapidly increase and energy levels to drop significantly. The resulting damage to metabolism can last for months, and sometimes may even become irreversible, which prompts continued use of the supplement pill just to try and bring metabolism to a reasonable level. This in turn increases the risk of severe health damage, as is always the case with long term weight loss pill usage, turning an otherwise worthwhile weight loss journey into a brutal nightmare.

If weight loss supplements often do not provide advertised results and are riddled with potentially dangerous side effects, including damage to metabolism, then what is the alternative? To lose weight fast without pills, there is only one proven solution, which is to eat in a specific way that encourages the body to naturally burn fat, while enhancing as opposed to destroying long term health. This is exactly why I designed my Fat Vanish weight loss diet plan, to provide the correct diet methods to burn fat naturally, and the hundreds of Fat Vanish testimonials indicating impressive results is proof that losing weight fast without pills is in fact a realistic goal when the proper diet plan becomes a part of daily living.

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