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Is Weight Loss Realistic During The Holidays?

Those who struggle with excess body fat often feel intense pressure to lose weight as November and December approaches, due to inevitable family reunions during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Because the 10 prior months were spent with little attention to body weight, suddenly the last few weeks of the year become the moment to try and burn as much fat as possible before visiting friends and loved ones, in order to make the best possible impression.

What those who try following a crash weight loss diet plan as the end of the year approaches soon find is that the constant temptation to eat traditional foods during celebratory moments will overtake whatever desire there is to trim body fat, and very little if anything is achieved. Special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving should be reserved as times spent away from any strict diet philosophy so that celebration can take center focus.

But how is this possible when battling an undesirable appearance? If a natural weight loss diet plan is followed during other times of the year, then this conflict will no longer surface. January is always a popular time for new gym memberships and fat burning resolutions, but more often than not, November arrives, and little was achieved. So, the key to preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas is to target the end of next year, beginning in January, as opposed to desperately attempting to overcome 10 months of procrastination by cramming impossible progress into an extremely short period.

Make a resolution that when the new year begins, weight loss will become a primary goal, and write down specific objectives for each month that you will work towards, so that by Thanksgiving and Christmas of next year, people will be amazed at what they see. Overnight progress is a lie promoted by weight loss supplement companies, and we all must begin to live in reality. So, if you wish to burn fat and are reading this close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, then you must gracefully accept your current condition for the remainder of the year and focus on January as a new starting point for impressive fat burning results.

If you’re itching to lose weight and have a difficult time waiting until January, then you should purchase and read my Fat Vanish program now so that you learn the correct natural weight loss diet plan and exercise routine to follow for the best progress of your entire life, and you’ll then be armed with the knowledge to begin next year with a guarantee of worthwhile change.

Weight Loss Requires A Realistic Plan

Many who wish to lose weight feel prepared to adopt the most extreme eating and exercise methods to achieve the fastest possible results, and often open themselves up to whatever recommendations promise the quickest fat burning transformation. This short sighted approach can lead to initial progress, but has a very low probability of producing permanent success.

Those who have a permanent weight loss story to share adopted an effective natural weight loss diet plan and reasonable exercise routine that fit well with what they were capable of pursuing long term. This element of realism doesn’t exist for many diet or exercise programs, and as a result, whatever short term results are achieved quickly disappear when the mind and body can no longer tolerate the demands of a poorly designed weight loss strategy.

The most effective weight loss plan is one that can be followed permanently, because when embracing a routine that does not fit this particular requirement, even if some weight is lost, the program will either be abandoned before goals are achieved, or at best, once desired weight loss is attained, old habits will quickly resurface, and all lost fat is sadly soon regained.

A one-plan-fits-every-situation attitude is why many weight loss strategies are doomed to failure from the start, as even an effective fat burning diet and exercise routine is only as potent as the willingness and ability of the individual to follow the proposed recommendations. A program that forces exercise five days per week, or for a set time period each session, or which promotes limited food choices, frequent or few meals, etc, will conflict directly with what some are able to observe, and this guarantees failure.

This is why I include Lifetime Email Personal Training with my Fat Vanish weight loss diet and exercise routine, so that my clients can contact me with their personal set of circumstances, and I can modify my standard fat burning diet and exercise advice in any way necessary to fit what the user is willing and able to observe. Each individual has his or her own daily family, school or work requirements, food preferences, and emotional capacity to accept a certain type of diet and exercise schedule, so no specific set of instructions will fit these numerous variables. Having an expert available to help customize a weight loss strategy in a realistic way is the only road to long term, permanent progress.

By providing Lifetime Email Personal Training with my Fat Vanish natural weight loss program, I am able to ensure that the proposed routine fits what the individual is capable of following long term, not what he or she knows will soon become an obstacle to success.

To see what Fat Vanish is capable of, please browse the hundreds of weight loss success stories, and contact me with any questions!

What Is A Safe Speed To Naturally Lose Weight?

Speed of weight loss is a ferociously debated topic in the fitness world, with many claiming that anybody who tries to burn fat faster than a certain specific amount of lbs lost per week is going to harm their health in some way. Because of this popular notion, some may become concerned if they lose weight faster than this preconceived maximum per week, and make changes accordingly to their diet plan. But is this notion fact or utter fiction?

The genesis of the proposed limitation on weight loss may have been a response to those who follow extreme, sometimes unhealthy and even dangerous fat burning methods, to try and encourage such individuals to instead pursue a slower approach not based on starvation or excessive food group limitations. The motivation for imposing such a limitation is positive, but misleading, and because the truth is far from what such a blanket statement implies, many, seeing that what is claimed does not synchronize with reality, will just ignore such restrictions and decide to pursue diet routines that may in fact prove to be harmful to health.

In reality, the speed of weight loss is based on individual metabolism, and can be vastly different for each individual. Some of my Fat Vanish natural weight loss program clients lose 10-20 lbs per month, and to those who propose a 1-2 lbs per week restriction on the amount of safe weight loss that can be achieved, such figures automatically infer that a diet plan must be risky to provide such quick results. Yet, when following a properly designed diet plan that also includes some moderate exercise, some can lose weight very fast, without experiencing any negative side effects or health issues whatsoever. In fact, health actually improves as a result of less body fat and a properly balanced diet plan.

What everyone must realize is that nobody can predict how fast any specific individual will lose weight, regardless of how many degrees he or she has or how long they have been personally training others, so do not listen to anyone who claims that results faster or slower than a certain number of lbs per week inherently indicates some problem with the diet plan. Instead, the important consideration is that a natural weight loss diet plan have a variety of foods, sufficient meal frequency to promote a healthy metabolism, and the correct macronutrient ratios to allow for ideal hormonal balance, which encourages consistent fat burning results. When such a healthy diet plan is implemented, the controlling factors in how much weight will be lost are individual metabolism, amount of exercise and quantity of food consumed.

Do not focus on how fast weight loss is achieved, but rather on whether you burn fat each week, as this is the barometer of whether a weight loss plan is effective. If the scale improves or you lose stomach size, then you are headed down the proper path. Although the finish line will be reached by some faster than others, if the diet and exercise routine is properly designed and healthy, then there is no cause for concern.